In this video, Vincent Reynouard answers Donald Trump.

The President of the US has,on September 19 at the UN, sharply criticized North Korea as well as the « rogue regimes » accused of supporting terrorism and threatening the whole world. Relying on figures and observations made by people who are not his political friends, Reynouard demonstrates the blatant failure of the winners of 1945 to guarantee peace and public prosperity in the world. Then he explains the causes of this failure: Nuremberg, 1945-1946 … For Hitler and National Socialism embodied the hope of a new and better world with the advent of true socialism.

- The US: Supporters of State Terrorism
- The US and their Allies: Torches of « Civilization »?
- The Total Failure of the 1945 Victors to Guarantee Peace in the World
- The Eternal Excuse: « It is the Fault Of the Wicked Dictators »
- One Pays the Price for One’s Actions: The Lesson of the Treaty of Versailles
- The US and Weapons Traffics
- Hitler defeated, the world sinks into the most cynical inequality
- Hitler embodied the promise of true socialism
- We live the Consequences of the Nuremberg Trial



Thanks to Valérie Devon (DIDI18) for translation.
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